Creative Application:Shintoism

Hello, my name is Ayumu, and I practice the Shinto religion. I live in Yasukini, Japan, where a few other people practice my religion. We believe that everything in the world is equal in its creation. Shinto has been around since 500 BC. A few sacred texts we use Kojiki and the Nihon-gi. We believe that there is an invisible world amongst the visible world, but is not a separate dimension. We also belive in Kami, spirits of nature and being. Someday I want to visit Itsukushima. During our festivals, we have performances, feasts, and celebrate particular Kami.

image: “Japanese Shinto Priest”

“Shinto” BBC. Publisher, BBC. Web. 1/11/2012.

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2 thoughts on “Creative Application:Shintoism

  1. Where is Shintoism (one of the largest and most important indigenous religions) mainly practiced?

  2. @amay4ecspress Shintoism was (pre-World War II) the official religion of Japan. It is still practiced there today.

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