Creative Application: Hinduism

              My name is Daya and I practice Hinduism in India. India and Nepal are known to be the main area of worship for Hinduism. We believe that Brahman is the principle source of the universe. Therefore, all our gods and goddesses are manifestations of the one Brahman.

             Our religion is based on the concept of reincarnation, the idea that all living things live in a cycle of living and dying. The laws are determined by the law of karma and according to karma, the quality of rebirth is determined by the moral shown by that person in the previous life. So in other words, your actions will count against/for you in the next life.

            Our religion originated in India and we use the Vedas as our sacred text. Later on, however, the Brahmanas were created to as commentaries on the four Vedas. We have 3 main sacred symbols: the Aum, the Swastica, and the Alpana Pattern. I would really like to visit Allahabad, a holy city and pilgrimage site at the confluence of our 3 sacred rivers and the Elephanta Caves which is a temple dedicated to the Shiva, one of our gods.

            Worship in Hinduism can take place in three different places- the home, temple, and street-side or road-side shrine. At dawn, my father and my mother purify themselves with a bath and then make an offering to the fire god. Then my father turns towards the sun and say a mantra, or prayer to Savatar, the sun god for a blessing and understanding. A similar even takes place in the evening.

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  1. What is the most important god in Hinduism?

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