Current Event: Northern Europe

In London, news about an electricity supergrid that could enhance the clean-power industry is arising. It would achieve this by connecting different powers sources such as wind farms in Scotland and solar arrays in Spain to the center of Europe. People are saying a supergrid such as this one is “absolutely essential” for Europe to make use of clean power supplies and reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Besides the technical aspects of this supergrid, Doug Parr, the chief scientist at the environmental group, said that this process could go a little quicker if it gained political support.

With this new idea proposed, countries like Britain, France, Germany, Norway, and Sweden are working to build a planned network of underwater cables that would connect the wind farms and other power sources that are needed for this supergrid to nearby countries. It is said that this project could take decades, but when finished, the broader European grid would eventually stretch to Ireland and to the Baltic states and could reach as far as North Africa.

However, because this project would take decades to complete, it would interfere with the short term focuses of politicians. In my opinion, I think this is a great idea. Despite the fact that it will take decades to finish this project with the cost of a lot of money, the people working at the environmental group are thinking about the atmosphere not only for them, but for future generations. The short term focuses of the politicians are only goals set for them and not for the people to come. I think we need more people focusing on making the environment they are living in better for the people living there now and for the people in the years to come.


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