Summary: Western Europe Culture

The countries of Western Europe have long been world leaders in literature, architecture, music, and the visual arts. Two influential artistic movements grew out of Western Europe. Realism – which focused on accurately depicting the details of everyday life became prominent in the mid- 1800s. Later in the century, the impressionists, a group of French painters, moved outdoors to capture the natural world.

Most people in Western Europe speak the Indo-European language (German and French). A smaller number of people speak the Basque language. Western Europe is primarily Christian, most of them being Roman Catholic. Most people in France and Belgium are nominal members of the faith.

In Western Europe, 98-100% of the population is literate. Germany’s social welfare system provides its citizens with medical care, along with unemployment benefits and many other services.

Western Europe has an aging population with declining birth and death rates. Germans embrace soccer and other sports. Due to increased affluence and shorter work-weeks, people in Germany and France have much time for visiting museums, travel, walking, and hiking.

Compare and contrast the two artistic movements in Western Europe.

What languages do the people in Western Europe speak?

More than 95% of the population of Western Europe is illiterate. True or False?


The people of Germany play a lot of different sports. In general, they play basketball, football, golf, soccer, handball, ice hockey, tennis watersports and wintersports.

Due to the Rhine and Elbe Rivers, the population of Germany do swimming, water skiing, parasailing, jet skiing, kite surfing, canoeing, rafting, surfing, and wake boarding.

However, for wintersports, they do skiing, snow boarding, board crossing, snow hiking, snow shoeing, ice climbing, and ice skating.

Not only Germany, but much of Wester Europe fill their time with a variety of sports and leisure activities.

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