Summary: Economy Transportation and Communication

Railways and Highways:

Rail lines connect Europe’s major cities and airports and link natural resources to major industrial centers. France pioneered the use of high-speed trains. The TGVs, the high-speed trains, cause less damage to the environment than most other forms of transportation. These trains operate in:

–          Germany

–          Italy

–          Spain

A high-speed rail triangle links Paris, Brussels, and London, passing beneath the English Channel through the Chunnel, or Channel Tunnel. A well-developed highway system also links Europe’s major cities. Germany’s super highways, called autobahnen are among Europe’s best roads.

Seaports and Waterways:

Europe handles a large amount of the world’s international shipping. Rotterdam, the Netherlands, is the world’s biggest port in surface area, amount of freight handled, and numbers of ships that it can dock at one time. The Rhine River and its tributaries carry more freight than any other river system in Europe. The Main-Danube Canal in Germany links inland ports between the North Sea and the Black Sea.


The International Telecommunications Satellite Organization (INTELSATs) uses a series of satellites to broadcast and receive television programs in Europe. Western European telephone systems include cable and microwave radio relay, fiber optics, and satellite systems. They use cell phones, electronic mail, and the Internet. Eastern Europe is not so advanced.


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