Summary 13.2: Managing Resources

The natural and physical world in Europe poses challenges to all of the people that live there. Some examples of these challenges are the earthquakes in Italy, Greece, and Macedonia, the moving tectonic plates, and the low rainfall and frequent drought in the south. Because of the dryness of the south, dry farming has become a common practice. Dry farming is a way of farming in dry areas that produces crops without irrigation, but relies on the moisture of the soil.


Europe suffers from heavy rains, which can lead to flooding and mudslides. Flooding and mudslides can lead to fatalities, property damage, and disturbances of transportation. Some say the heavy rains are part of a natural climate cycle, but others think it is because of global warming.

The Atlantic and North Seas have storms that beat along the northwestern coast. The Netherlands were flooded by one of these storms, and a system of dams and dikes had to be built to keep the water out of their southern coast.

Soil Erosion

Some activities that humans do, such as over-farming, bad farming practices, removing vegetation, forest destruction, and overgrazing of livestock accelerate soil erosion in Europe. Soil erosion greatly affects the Mediterranean basin. Reforestation is being promoted to lessen the soil erosion.


Scientists believe that about eighty percent of Europe was once covered in forests, but two thirds of this forest land has been removed. The forests were removed in the Mediterranean region and in Western Europe because of growing industry- people removed trees to make cities and farms. The healthiest forests today are found in Northern Europe.

Many countries encourage reforestation, or the replanting of trees, while others manage the cutting and replacing of trees.


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