Summary: Human Impact

Europe’s concentration of industry and population have had a bad impact. In one area, called the “black triangle,” soot covers the ground. Before 1989, Europe had no laws to control pollution. nothing was done about the pollution until it affected public health.

European industries built smokestacks to carry away the pollution. This pollution drifted over national borders. The chemicals in the pollution combined with the moisture in the air and fell as acid rain. To help get rid of the acid rain, western European countries have switched from coal to natural gas. Eastern European countries still rely on coal, though. So acid rain is more severe in eastern europe.

Acid rain also affects lakes and rivers. In spring, meltwater– the result of melting snow and ice, carries the acid rain into lakes and rivers. Because of this, fish and other aquatic life in lakes and rivers die.

Pollution is also caused by automobile exhaust. Acid deposition– wet or dry acid pollution that falls to the ground, harms Europe’s natural environment and historic buildings, statues, bridges, and stained glass windows.

Air pollution is a big problem throughout Europe, as it causes eye irritations, asthma, and respiratory infections. Water pollution also causes problems for Europe. In countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea, the sea is used for waste disposal. Small tides and weak currents keep pollution in the waters. The Mediterranean Sea is only open to the Atlantic through the Strait of Gibraltar. It takes a century for the Mediterranean sea to renew itself completely.

Environmetalists– people concerned with the quality of the environment. The burning of fossil fuels have raised the amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, causing an increase in the planet’s temperature. Global Warming is where there is an increase in the average global surface temperature.

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