Creative Application: Settling Russia

We are migrating towards Samara from East of the Baikal Lake. Agricultural is a big part of our lives and it was very difficult living near the Baikal Lake due to the climate there. We are also planning to use the nearby trees to build more sturdy homes to survive the harsh winters. On the way to our destination, we passed by regions that had good climate, but did not meet our needs of trading. Along with agriculture, trade is a big aspect of our lives. Not only is Samara a good location for manufacturing and trade, but it has a humid continental climate- a good climate for farming. Using trading to our benefits, we are going to get resources that we need. We are hoping to thrive in our new location using the nearby trading centers and the chernozem available there to our benefit. Not only will this location serve our present needs, but it will also be a good location for many generations to come.

Boehm, Richard G., and Dinah Zike. Glencoe World Geography and Cultures. New York: McGraw-Hill/Glencoe, 2012. Print.

Photo: “Sheltered World Geography – World Climates Activity.” Home Page/Página Principal –Mr. Salgado. Web. 01 Feb. 2012. <;.

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