Settling Russia

For years, my people, the Juhanians, lived on a northeastern Asian steppe. Although the steppe did not provide my people with the necessary resources, we were forced to live there under the cruel rule of our past chief. This chief would take all supplies, food, animals, etc. for himself, leaving the people starving and weak. The lead scholar in our tribe figured out a way to poison the chief, and upon his death, all of his supporters were killed and his supplies distributed throughout the community. I was elected to be the next chief, and my first order was to move the people away from the barren steppe.

Upon gathering enough food, water, and clothing to make the trek north, we began the journey. We passed through a subarctic region briefly, and in the few weeks we spent there, we lost hundreds of people. The snow and generally cold climate were too much for the elderly and sick people of my tribe, so many died and were buried or left in the snow. Some people thought about stopping and setting up a civilization there, but they soon realized that the subarctic climate could not support agriculture or animals, two things we decided were vital to our future settlement, so we continued.

We walked for weeks, looking for a place that met our basic needs: agriculture, a herding-friendly environment, and a pleasant climate. The tribe and I finally found a suitable spot-slightly west of the Volga River. The black dirt on the Black Earth Best was fertile and the crops we planted grew beautifully. Because we were near the river, our crops were easily irrigated, and the running water helped everyone in our community. The animals could eat the grass that grew from the black dirt, and their increased amount of food allowed more reproduction, meaning more animals for our community.

My people and I have been living this spot for fifty years, and I am encroaching on the end of my time. I have witnessed the birth of new generations and have faith that the generations will be supported for centuries to come. The land is good, allowing us to have much food, and the people have begun to focus on other things- art, music, etc. because they don’t have to worry about where their next meal will come from. The only problem we may face would be competition for this great land, but I have arranged for them to begin forming an army after my death. I have faith that our people will live successfully for thousands of years.

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