Current Event: Russia’s Bad Bet on Syria

Thirty years ago, President Hafez al-Assad of Syria had his army crush a Sunni revolt in Hama resulting in the deaths of 20,000 Syrians. Now, the current president, Bashar Assad, is now repeating history. He has now killed nearly 6,000 protesters and that number is still rising. Despite this, the United Nations Security Council is unable to condemn Mr. Assad. However, ministers from the US, other Western nations, and the Arab League are back at the council this week and trying to push for an assertive resolution and to speak out towards the Syrian government. However, despite their efforts, Russia, China, and India are defending Mr. Assad and blocking the attempts of the US, Western nations, and the Arab League. However, the Arab League has created a new draft resolution which demands Syria to withdraw their troops from the cities and release all the political prisoners. It also proposes Mr. Assad to give up his power to his deputy.

It will be interesting to know why Russia, China, and India are defending Mr. Assad. Despite their reasons on why they are doing this, I think they need to rethink their opinion on this matter. Mr. Assad, no doubt, has lost legitimacy over his people. Because the people of Syria do not want him as president anymore, he should, therefore, step down peacefully. Therefore, Russia, China, and India should be supporting the US, Western nations, and the Arab League in condemning Mr. Assad and working towards to getting him to step out from power.

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