Settling Russia

I am the leader of a small group of hunters. I, and a small group of my people, were out hunting. When, all of a sudden, one of the hunters, Carl, came across a hibernating bear and accidentally woke it up. We were chased by the bear all the way to Russia. (Note: never wake up a bear in hibernation. Second note: never go hunting with Carl.) Now I am entrusted with the decision as to where we shall settle in this strange new country. Due to our experience with the bear, I decided against living in a place that is ideal for hunting (nice going, Carl!) We have found a place suitable for agriculture, which what we shall do now that everyone is too scared to hunt. The soil is rich and good for farming. This area is south of the Northern European Plain. We passed by the north side, which was not a good place to settle in whatsoever. It was a swamp and not good for farming. We have decided to settle in Moscow. It provides good shelter and is a good place for trade.

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