Israel Keeps Tabs on Syria

President Bashar al-Assad, president of Syria, is being watched closely by Israelis. Israelis fear that the downfall of Assad would lead to unwanted chaos in a neighboring country, but it would also give a welcome blow to Iran. The people think that Assad must go because he has killed thousands of civilians and is influential in the anti-Israel power network in Iran. “Iran is investing very heavily in trying to save the Assad regime,” commented Israel’s intelligence minister, Dan Meridor. Israeli government and intelligence say that the most likely result of Syria’s struggle is chaos because of four things: the loyalty of Assad’s security forces, Syria’s economy, the protests in major cities such as Damascus and Apello, and the possibility of international intervention. They also say that a vast majority of the Syrian security forces will stay loyal to Assad throughout the struggle. The Iranians are generously helping Syria economically, and because of this, Israeli officials are worried about increased presence by Al Qaeda in Syria and the possibility of large storehouses of arms landing in anti-Israel groups. If this happened, Israel would have to decide if they should raid a convoy and risk provoking the Assad government into a direct confrontation with Israel.

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