Impact of Monsoon Rains

Monsoon rains, good or bad, affects South Asia and its people. The rains are apparent across all of South Asia and due to it, the area has 3 different seasons- hot, wet, and cool. The monsoon rains are created by a change in wind direction. These winds carry the moist air from the oceans and therefore, large amounts of rain are dumped on South Asia. This rain is very important to agriculture because without them, the farmers would not be able to produce enough food for the rest of the region. However, despite the benefits of the monsoon rains, it also presents a problem for the forests of South Asia. The rain has the ability to wipe out forests and thus, slowly renewable resources are lost.  All in all, the monsoon rains are very important to agriculture as it is the main source of irrigation for the crops. Without the rains, South Asia would lack the food needed to feed its people.


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