Current Event: NATO Supply Chains in Pakistan

By: Alan May

Pakistan’s Prime Minister, Yousuf Raza Gilani, announced that he and his government feel no urgent need to reopen NATO supply chains through Pakistan to support the Afghan war.  Parliamentary and popular infighting over the issue of assistance for NATO and the US has been intense recently as political parties disinclined to take considerable responsibility for anything have debated the pros and cooperation with the West.  Prime Minister Gilani said that he and his party were unwilling to push through any significant decision concerning the supply lines until a consensus was reached in the multiparty Parliamentary Committee on National Security.  He also claimed that he was uninterested in more government-wide negotiations on the issue after a grueling session on March 29.  Pakistan’s leading political party, the PPP*, has been caught for some time between rising tides of American insistence on cooperation and anti-American sentiment at home.  Prime Minister Gilani, in a probable effort to solidify his party’s Pakistani base, has been attempting to distribute the blame for helping America equally between parties, saying “Let the PML-N* and other political forces come clean on the subject” of “anti-American sentiment … running high among the masses.”

*PPP: Pakistan Peoples Party; PML-N: Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz

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