Peace Benefits Kashmir

40 miles from Srinagar, the beautiful farming capital of Jammu, a state in northern India, the people may finally be receiving roads, electricity, improved schools, and more jobs for their desperate, impoverished village. The militants who demanded that India give up control of Kashmir have decreased their attacks after almost two decades of fighting, creating a relative calm in the Indian controlled part of Kashmir. And although the support for military action has decreased, the want for an independent state and for Kashmir to become a sovereign republic hasn’t. The Indian Army, who are a prominent entity in Kashmir, are also being hated even more now than ever. Many scholars want to bring development to the poor, impoverished sections of Kashmir during this peace time. In addition to the poor benefitting from the peace, many businesses and hotels are also noting an increase in business.

Perhaps all of the good things going Kashmir’s way in this peace time will convince the people to handle their situation peacefully. Although it is understandable for the people to want independence, there is a way to achieve it peacefully, without violence or wars.

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“Kashmir.” Dismal World. Photo. 02 Apr. 2012.


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