Creative Application: Angkor Wat

The Angkor Wat is part of a larger complex- the temples at Angkor. It is a huge temple that resembles Mr. Meru, a mythic mountain. It also has 5 walls and moats that represent the mountainous chains and the cosmic ocean.

 The building of the Angkor Wat was started in the early 1100s and took about 30 years to complete. It was built to honor a Hindu god, Vishnu. Not only was it built to honor Vishnu, the Angkor Wat was built to anticipate the equinox in spring. The building is aligned along the north-south axis. To anticipate the equinox in the spring for 3 days, the building was diverted 0.75o.

 Observing the Angkor Wat tells a lot about the culture of the region. It shows that the people in the region greatly respect their gods. The Angkor Wat, after a staggering 900 years, still stands. The amount of effort to build a building that is able to withstand 900 years of natural disasters and time itself, is incredible. And this was all just for one god. As long as the people of this region continue to worship their gods and as long as a catastrophe does not strike this monument, the Angkor Wat will continue to stand and honor the Hindu god as this monument plays a significant role to this region.



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